Our AI-Integration Framework

Human-centric, AI-powered

We’re designing a future that is AI-powered and human-led. Building on human knowledge and skills, we help make organizations run better and unlock greater capabilities for people.

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Human-Centered AI

Why human-centered AI?

Successful AI considers the humans who will need to adopt it. Focus your AI strategy toward what’s best for your organization by solving the right problems, catching key vulnerabilities, road mapping capabilities, and designing effective tools that will be used to their full potential.

Case Studies

Some of our work

We guide our clients through a customized yet human-centered process that allows their business to progress while keeping people at the forefront of any product or service decisions. This flexible, yet proven design process provides a strategy that meets business timelines and metrics and delivers user success.

  • Entertainment
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
Finance International
Finance International

Navigating Complex Conversations

How can multimodal AI assist the underbanked in understanding their financial options?

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Food & Hospitality National
Food & Hospitality National

Scaling Industry Expertise with AI

How does a company scale consulting services in the fast food operations space?

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The team was able to engage in the upfront design process with detailed organization, took learnings from testing opportunities to insert into product capabilities and executed our prototypes quickly.

Head of Technology, AI-Enabled Restaurant Performance Tool

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