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We’re inviting thinkers and makers who aren’t afraid to solve the most complex of problems…and have fun doing so.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Bring your whole self to work

Grand Studio believes that teams diverse in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective create better work.

We are dedicated to creating an environment where everyone, from any background, feels included and supported to do their best work.

Open Positions

Want to join the team?

If you like the way we think, we’d like to get to know you.

Check out our open positions here or drop us a line at

Business Development

We don’t have any open positions right now but please send us an email if you’d like to be considered for openings in the future.


We don’t have any open positions right now but please send us an email if you’d like to be considered for openings in the future.

How We Work

What to expect

Have you experienced working on a project, then it floats away and you never know what happens? That’s not us. You’re staffed 100% to one project where you participate and collaborate throughout the entirety of the contract.

It’s okay if a project requires heavy research, and you’re not a research specialist. Your skills will still be utilized! We believe in holistic design processes where our designers can grow beyond a narrow skillset and explore ALL avenues of human-centered design.

How We Support

Your career and goals matter

At Grand Studio you will have the support system you need to sharpen your skills and build new ones. Every team member is matched with a career manager to help shape the trajectory of their career and long-term goals.

Together we outline a path forward: we evaluate your team’s feedback, provide you with resources to hone in on your strong skill sets and growth areas, and advocate for your individual goals and interests when staffing new projects.

Career Growth

How we help you be your best self

We want you to thrive with us—but more importantly, we want to help you be the best designer you can be, no matter where you go in your career.

Long-Term Focus

With career managers, mentors and utilization rates to prevent burnout, we set our designers up to reach their personal and professional goals.


We are open and honest with each other, sharing information relating to projects, pay, business performance, revenue, internal processes, and our future.

Learning & Growth

Growth is an essential part of our business strategy. Our designers are our number one asset, so we are committed to motivating and creating space for employees to continue to grow and learn.

Inclusive Environment

We all come from different backgrounds and have unique stories. Our designers are encouraged to freely express themselves and fully participate on a daily basis.

Employee Experience

What our employees think about us

Everyone has a voice
93% Satisfaction with managers
90% Trust between peers
87% Satisfaction with work-life balance
84% Autonomy, mastery, and purpose
On Mentorship

“Grand Studio maintains a supportive environment that promotes peer feedback and mentorship to help designers grow. Formalized peer reviews inform what designers can work on and where they excel, in addition to day-to-day feedback throughout a project. To guide designers’ growth, designated Career Managers provide consistent mentorship. ”

Ignacio Lead Designer ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR
On Opportunity

I’m so thankful to work with an incredibly talented and down-to-earth team that makes collaborating in a virtual world feel effortless. From giving me opportunities to lead customer interviews to providing me with thoughtful feedback, the Grand team has continually shown their commitment to my development and experience.”

Shalini Past Design Intern
On Belonging

“I’ve become more confident in openly sharing my thought process and actively participating in discussions to explore solutions for complex problems. As I continue to grow my skill set, diversity of thought being valued at Grand Studio makes it easy for me to consistently tap into my authentic self and have honest conversations with other designers.”

Jasmine Designer | Full-time

More reasons to love us

When it comes to benefits, we take care of our team.

Inclusive Health Benefits

We offer 100% employer-paid health, dental and vision with Fertility & IVF Coverage, transgender-inclusive benefits, generous parental leave policy, access to Teledoc, FSA and DFSA, life, supplemental life & AD&D coverage.

Competitive Salary & Profit Sharing

We are committed to transparent salary paths, always re-evaluating the market norms for pay scales. In addition when our company does well, so do you! We offer profit-sharing perks for everyone.

401K with Match

We want to help you plan for your future so with every dollar invested in your 401K. We match a percentage to help you reach your goals faster!

Flexible Time Off

We believe in a reasonable work-life balance, so taking time off of work is encouraged. We want you at your best during team projects.

Health & Wellness Perks

We offer health reimbursement and an EAP program to keep your body and your mind healthy.

After Hours Meals & Transportation

Working late in the office? We try not to make it a habit, but when it does happen, grab dinner and a ride home on us!

Remote Work Option

We are set up to work from our office in Chicago complete with commuter benefits, to work from home, or anywhere in the US. Your choice. We want you to be in an environment that empowers you to do your best work.

Learning & Growth

Your career and goals matter. Every employee is matched with a Career Manager to help them get the most out of every experience, and we give you an annual budget to ramp up your skills!

Food & Fun

We continue to make our designers happy with fun team events, food, celebrations and more!

What did we miss?

Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. These are the most common questions we receive.

01 What is your design interview process like?

We like to be straightforward, and that starts with our interview process. Here is what you can expect:

Submit an Application

Please provide work samples (portfolio/PDF dropbox, it doesn’t matter to us—we just want to see your work!) Submissions without work samples will not be considered.

Portfolio / Work Review

Bias isn’t cool, so we practice “work first” when viewing work. What this means is we look at your work only when we make a decision to pass you on to an interview, so make sure to show us your superpower!

1st Interview (virtual)

30-min interview with the Director of People and a  Lead Designer or Associate Director we take a look at some work to get a better understanding of how you tackle complex problems. Don’t worry, we don’t leave anyone hanging. We get back to applicants with our decision about a week after the interview.

Qualification (happens between the 1st and 2nd interview)

Align on all the HR details regarding timelines and all that jazz.

2nd Interview (virtual)

If you move forward in the process, there is an hour-long interview with an Associate Director and CXO or CDO. We get back to applicants with our decision about a week after the interview.

02 Is the studio currently working remote?

Yup, we are all 100% remote until further notice!

03 Why are you called Grand Studio?

We were born from the NYC consultancy Moment. The name Grand Studio pays homage to our roots in NYC with the old office near Grand Street and our new home in Chicago near Grand Ave.


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