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It’s not enough for interfaces to look nice; they have to work for everyone who uses them. UX/UI design takes the vision of product strategy into reality, defining the interactions and means by which your users will connect with your product or service. Grand Studio creates engaging, thoughtful, accessible designs for companies across industries and platforms to ultimately showcase the beauty of the vision in a seamless, intuitive experience.

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Grand Studio not only employs a data-driven approach to understand your users’ needs but also takes into account the business goals, target audience, and technical feasibility to craft a solution that is memorable and useful for the users.

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Digital transformation for a beloved sports organization

The NBA initially came to us with a need to overhaul their global app and improve the game-watching experience for non-U.S.-based fans. This long relationship evolved from the global app to the website and all the device-based experiences (phone, Roku, Xbox, etc) and the UI we created from scratch extended across all their products, positioning their global team as the new owners of the digital products.

Connected Kitchen

The McDonald’s innovation team asked Grand Studio to devise a solution to help crew members anticipate cooking fries at just the right time while eliminating waste. Our team observed and interviewed crew members as well as designed a prototype experience that produced greater efficiencies at the fry station—becoming part of a major, year-long focus on bringing more intelligence to the kitchen to improve customer satisfaction and crew member workflows.

Designing a blockchain data exchange platform

We helped JPM design a platform for the global market to more efficiently transfer money and data across international borders via blockchain technology, as well as an application on the platform to pre-approve payments before they’re sent (avoiding millions in penalty fees for users). Our team worked collaboratively with the JPM to define the products and their value and subsequently designed the products to take to market.

At Grand Studio, we love taking on technical & complex challenges that others find intimidating, no matter the scale.

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At Grand Studio, we use design thinking to guide our partnerships through technical and complex challenges and innovative solutions.

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We are industry-agnostic and work with all types of businesses to help them define and solve the right problems for the right audience.

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