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Designing conversations and IoT are different mechanisms than screen design, requiring thoughtful physical, verbal and cultural interactions to launch a successful product. Grand Studio has immense in-house expertise in these areas and can help your team move into the future with cutting-edge technology based on human-centered design.

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Creating a banking product for the underbanked

When American Express asked us to figure out how to provide banking services to typically underserved markets, our exploration led us to a multimodal, SMS chatbot-forward service. The product we jointly created is still being used by millions of customers daily.

Conversational tech in dining experiences

One of Cleveland Ave’s incubator initiatives is a test kitchen in Chicago’s West Loop, and they needed help acquiring timely feedback from patrons about their dining experience in order to fully realize the benefits of the kitchen. We built an SMS-based chatbot to deliver easy-to-answer and easily-accessible survey questions to diners. Cleveland Ave was so pleased with the result, they used the text bot for years to accrue data.

At Grand Studio, we love taking on technical & complex challenges that others find intimidating, no matter the scale.

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At Grand Studio, we use design thinking to guide our partnerships through technical and complex challenges and innovative solutions.

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We are industry-agnostic and work with all types of businesses to help them define and solve the right problems for the right audience.

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